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~Thanks to all who celebrated our 25th Anniversary and for all of your support over the years! ~

~Thanks to all who celebrated our 25th Anniversary and for all of your support over the years! ~



Dockside Ale

5% ABV

A crisp, light-bodied, pale golden Kölsh. This German ale style is native to the city of Köln.

Sommerzeit HefeWeizen

5% ABV

A light bodied, unfiltered wheat beer with fruity and clove-like flavors. *Try it mixed with our current fruit beer for a 'berry-weiss' or with a splash of lemonade for a Mug Club favorite, the "German Radler'!

Naga-Wicked Pale Ale

5.5% ABV

A copper hued and medium bodied, this beer has hop flavor ,aroma and bitterness.

Delafield Amber

5.5% ABV

An amber colored medium bodied ale with a malt forward finish.

Pewaukee Porter

5.5% ABV

A medium bodied dark ale with some roasted dark malt flavor.


Frühlingzeit Maibock

7.5% ABV

A lighter colored, but still malty, version of Bock Beer, traditionally served in spring. 'Hopfen und Malz, Gott erhalts'.

Crème Brûlée Stout

5.5% ABV

Decadent dessert in a glass, this stout is loaded with flavors of creamy caramel, vanilla, chocolate and coffee. Nitrogen dispensed.
*Limited Edition

Belgian Quadrupel

10.5% ABV

Rich malty flavor and warming notes of alcohol compliment this full bodied garnet colored ale.

Millennium Tripel

11.25% ABV

A medium bodied strong golden ale. This Belgian-style beer gets its fruity/spicy aroma and flavor from yeast derived from a Trappist monastery in Belgium.

Orange Blossom Wit

6% ABV

A crisp, light bodied Belgian style beer spiced with coriander and Moroccan orange peels.

Dragonfly Lager

6.5% ABV

Available starting Wednesday February 14th, 2024. This easy drinking golden lager is brewed and finished with three varieties of German Hallertau Hops which give it a lightly flowery and spicy aroma and a subtle earthy/grassy character.

Weisenheimer's Munich Dunkel

6% ABV

Made entirely of ingredients from Germany, this easy drinking dark lager is our take on a beer brewed at the oldest monastic brewery in the world. Rich, bready / toasty Munich Malts are well balanced by just enough Hallertau hops to keep it from being too sweet.

8 Malt Stout

6% ABV

A full-bodied black stout with a big roasted flavor featuring chocolate rye, roasted barley, biscuit malt, Belgian chocolate malt and black malt. Dispensed with a nitrogen pour.

Lights Out Double I.P.A.

9.5% ABV

Aroma and flavors of ripe peach and tangerine pairs with subtle floral/earthy notes followed by a well balanced lingering bitterness. Surprisingly easy drinking, it can definitely knock your lights out!

Tropic Thunder

5% ABV

A light and refreshing ale bursting
with tropical flavors.

Ice Age Ale

6.5% ABV

A medium bodied, deep golden ale made with Mosaic and Calypso hops. High hop bitterness, flavor and aroma are the signature of this beer.


Doctor's Hop Tonic

5% ABV

Pale colored and medium bodied, the hallmark of this brew is its intense hop flavor and aroma.